sprockets, sockets, grommets & gaskets (randomdreams) wrote,
sprockets, sockets, grommets & gaskets

This AM, Lily decided to take apart the stove.
Since she doesn't have opposable thumbs or a wrench, all she can use is her nose and her stubbornness, both of which she has in excess.
So, clank clank clank as she tried to get inside the oven or underneath it or anything else she could manage.
I took out the under-oven drawer so she could see that there wasn't in fact anything under there, and she promptly crawled underneath and started lifting the whole oven with her back, as she tried to get in further.
On a suggestion from manintheboat I looked under... and there was a very beat-up mouse that Lily was in the process of clawing out from where it had been trying to hide.
I put on a glove, grabbed it, and threw it over the edge of the deck.
Lily got a treat, but she doesn't really want it.

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