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My manager's been gone for three weeks and I've gotten a lot done at work and had a fairly fun time doing it, so that's nice.

The rice cooker blew out its own fuse again. This will be the third one I've replaced in this cooker, and the one before it also blew out two. I'm pretty confused by this. I've measured the wall voltage and it's approximately correct. It's possible the factory used a very marginal cheap fuse, but my replacement fuses were not cheap and (I calculated) are about 15% more than the surge current through the cooker.
At least I bought a lot of replacement fuses... Now I kind of wish I'd also bought a fuse socket and installed it.

Edit to add: rice cooker problem explained. I couldn't get an exact replacement so I got the type of fuse we use at work, without thinking too deeply about the use case. It turns out that the fuse being that close to the heating element means it needs to be a metallic case fuse with crimped connections. Soldered connections not only don't work, the solder has dissolved the adjacent wire.

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