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Ignore them: they're just flesh wounds

a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants

sprockets, sockets, grommets & gaskets
20 December 1967
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someone said that I was like Mr. Science. It's a noble goal.

I now have links to my bead posts and book reviews in Memories. Woo.
alana davis, amiga, armies of zombie monkeys, armor, atomic force microscopy, auto repair, automation, aviation, avr/atmel, bad jokes, beadmaking, belle and sebastian, beryllium, biking, biochemistry, blacksmithing, bleeding, bleeding more, blowtorches, books, boris badenov, brennschluss, buckaroo banzai, carpentry, cesium, chainmail, cheese, climbing, clue-by-fours, cnc, coilguns, colorado, connie willis, coyotelopes, cryptography, dependency hell, depleted uranium jewelry, dido, downmoo, electronics, emergency rooms, ernie kovaks, eustace tilley, exchange rate jokes, forging, frank zappa, geckos, gios, glassblowing, gpib, gps, haruki murakami, house restoration, hp test equipment, hyperactivity, hypergolics, ice weasels, indigo girls, inventing machinery, isonyms, jane jensen, jason webley, jitensha, john barth, john irving, john mcphee, kate bush, kill your tv, kitplanes, kurt godel, lasers, lathes, leadville, legos, liz phair, magnetic resonance imaging, making jewelry, meryn cadell, metal spinning, metalcasting, metrology, midgardmoo, milling machines, mindstorms, miyazaki, moab, modest mouse, mokume gane, monkeys, moo, mountains, moving to canada, neal stephenson, nixie-usb, opalmoo, operational amplifiers, opus the penguin, penguins, pg wodehouse, physics, piet mondrian, pink floyd, poe, poodles, portishead, positron emission tomography, power tools, puns, puns(really awful), puns(worse yet), quadrumanes, reed, roger zelazny, runes, serial monogamy, sleater-kinney, solar energy, solar power, subarus, swords, telluride, tetranitromethylaniline, the tattered cover, thomas pynchon, tintin, triboluminescence, trip-hop, type o negative, umberto eco, unilateral pre-emptive metrification, volcanos, warbirds, writing, wyverns, xxxenophile, xyzzy, yellowcake, zacatecas